Whatever happened to Yuja?

Whatever happened to Yuja?


norman lebrecht

October 31, 2018

She tweets that she is looking forward to a concert with Igudesmann and Joo.

Sideways, you can only recognise her by the brevity of her skirt.

That pianist needs to straighten up.


  • buxtehude says:

    There’s your answer:


    For the fashion-aware, and to judge by the poster, her latest outfit is suggestive of wind chimes.

    As far as” Igudesman & Joo,” you can catch their act in Pianomania or on YT.

  • Andy says:

    Looks like fun to me. It’s hard to tell if the SD is criticising her for doing it? I hope not. She plays a huge amount of serious concerts every year (perhaps too many), there’s no reason why she can’t have a little fun. I can’t imagine it’s going to impact her ability to play seriously the remainder of the time. And the only people who will see it are those who want to see it and pay to do so, and I imagine it will be fun for them too. All good.

  • Jose says:

    Juja can do no wrong for me…Please Marry me Juja. Jose

  • Anmarie says:

    The poor girl’s frozen stiff from lack of clothing!

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    What kind of man is going to be attracted by her particular bait, do you think? Do women think they can wear practically nothing and have men not ogle them? Under what planetary alignment does this exist alongside #metoo. Stop with the exhibitionism, Yuja, and get back to business.

  • Alexander says:

    Yuja is like a big mackerel in those pictures . Happy fishing is must have been for those 2 blokes 😉

  • Mick the Knife says:

    Is there any reason, theoretically, that Yuja Wang could not give a recital in a bikini?

  • MB_Luxembourg says:

    I was at her “concert” yesterday in Luxembourg with Igudesman & Joo. To make it short: It was awful, embarassing, utterly boring and not funny in the slightest. And that coming from someone who is a big fan of Igudesman & Joo and thoroughly enjoyed their last show a few years back. But this one? A seemingly never-ending string of silliness, devoid of any entertainment value, complete lack of “jokes” that actually made you laugh (like almost all of their previous program did) and one cringe-worthy act after the other. Yuja Wang was utterly superfluous there – sure, nice to look at with a skirt that barely covered anything, but that is not enough for a 2-hour program. After the first failed sketch I told myself “ok, the next ones will be better”, but if possible it only got worse, and after half an hour I seriously contemplated leaving in the middle of it, something I have never done before. I wonder whether they have not had anyone tell them how utterly bad, trashy and boring, even offensive to someone with a remnant of intelligence, this program was. Igudesman was mostly strutting around the stage trying to be comical but failing miserably, the worst him dressing up as a woman (which can be very funny) and trying to sing, Joo’s act mostly consisted of throwing his hair around and playing some unrecognizable own compositions as loudly as possible…what a disaster. If you have no ideas what to do on stage, please do not go on stage, I can only tell them. And if you have no idea what to do with Yuja Wang besides using her as some sexy stage prop (and please never make her sing again), just don’t do it. This was not worth one cent of my money or one second of my time, it was offensively bad, stupid and ill-prepared, and felt like Igudesman & Joo were taking their public for utter fools who were ready to pay quite expensively for this garbage. I am convinced they can do better…