What goes to Vegas stays there

Lacey Huszcza, Associate Executive Director at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, is giving up all that sun, sea and celebrity gossip to become executive director of the Las Vegas Philharmonic, a month from now.

Cool move?

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  • Norman, you should know better. It’s known as the “revolving door syndrome.” It happens with about 90% of orchestras in North America. New music director: executive director leaves, and vice versa.

  • Was there nothing else to report or be a curmudgeon about, Norman? Instead of celebrating a woman coming up through the ranks to lead an organization in her own right, you make some underhanded dig at Las Vegas, thereby insinuating this move is somehow wrong? Have you been to an LVPhil concert? Have you been to Vegas in the past 10 years to experience the rich arts & culture scene? My guess is no, you haven’t. One of the reasons arts and culture can’t thrive (or at least struggles to) in communities like Las Vegas is because people like you sit behind your bully pulpits and hurl underhanded, insinuated insults. Use your platform for you. Read the local press. Talk to people involved. I know that being divisive is your MO, but come on, man. Arts should bring people together.

    • Huh? I really can’t see much reason to take offense. He is just reporting that someone has changed jobs. There is nothing here about what he thinks about either orchestra.

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