Watch: The moment Zubin returns

Yesterday in Tel Aviv:

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  • This is his return to the Israel Philharmonic, not his return to conducting, which happened about a month ago with his Italian orchestra. There’s a video of that too, and another cake.
    Happy to see him back.

  • 40 years or whatever together – so much talk and special concerts that celebrate this deep connection of Zubin and… the truth of the matter that no one will ever choose to hear any record of this special combo. You might hear the orchestra, if at all, when Lenny is the conductor. Besides Israel is so small, and yet they never care to reach any audience except 1000-2, 000 people at most, which are also moderate to great contributors…they had a program which was a great success. It was called the philharmonia in jeans- well, the same people came, some with jeans.

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