UK opens inquiry into abuse at music schools

UK opens inquiry into abuse at music schools


norman lebrecht

October 08, 2018

Ian Pace informs us:

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has opened a call for core participants as part of the investigation into residential schools. This includes a section on music schools, which reads as follows:

‘Residential music schools
15. Instances of child sexual abuse in music schools have been widely publicised. The Chair and Panel wish to explore whether there are any factors which are peculiar to residential music schools which give rise to opportunities for abuse of children.
16. The Inquiry will consider evidence in relation to the following institutions:
a. Chetham’s School of Music (Manchester),
b. The Purcell School for Young Musicians (Hertfordshire),
c. Yehudi Menuhin School (Kent),
d. Wells Cathedral School (Somerset),
e. Ripon Cathedral Choir School (North Yorkshire),
f. Westminster Cathedral Choir School (London).
17. The Inquiry will also be seeking and considering evidence from the Choir Schools’ Association, institutions which regulate the sector, CPS, police and academics who have an interest in the sector.’

Ian adds:

Please can everyone concerned about this issue share this as widely as they can. This is something of a victory – the inquiry were supplied by me several years ago with an extensive document about abuse in music education which I believe has played a part in making this a part of the inquiry.


  • James says:

    UK OPENS INQUIRY INTO ABUSE AT ALL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL INCLUDING MUSIC SCHOOLS – there fixed that headline for you. You’re welcome.

  • AKP says:

    And it isn’t a UK wide enquiry either but Norman doesn’t really care for accuracy.

  • Naomi says:

    It will have to be UK wide if they think YMS is in Kent – they’ll never find it otherwise. The school were definitely in Surrey last time I belive it supplied me any information from my inquiry to get there.

    • Alex Davies says:

      The point is that IICSA’s remit covers England and Wales only. Scotland and Northern Ireland have/have had separate inquiries.

  • Observer says:

    When & where can those of us who witnessed such abuse read or hear the enquiry?

  • A member of staff says:

    Is it a victory when innocent managers in financially stretched schools now have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds looking at historic cases which cannot be changed, that they have had nothing to do with themselves and which means that as a result there is no money to create opportunities for current students? This is NOT a victory, Mr Pace.