Topless Serena Williams sings for cancer awareness

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    • It is, indeed, heavily auto-tuned; but auto-tune exists for situations such as this.

      And she’s one of the greatest athletes of modern times, so you forgive a lot.

    • The heavy auto-tune is used as an effect, as with much pop music released nowadays. Maybe there is pitch correction as well. Who knows? If not, she’s surprising in tune. If so, so what. She’s an athlete volunteering for a good cause.

  • It’s a very worthy cause and deserves all the attention it can garner. Serena’s video will help, in a big or small way. Good for her.

  • Breast Cancer is one of the most publicly-awared illnesses on the planet.

    Breast Cancer “awareness” has become a big business with highly paid executives.

    One famous foundation pays its CEO $600,000 per year and pays a former CEO, who apparently does no work for the foundation, nearly $400,000 per year.

    It spends twice as much on “awareness” as on research.

    Perhaps more useful would be money to pay for the treatments which seem to be quite expensive.

    Or perhaps the money should be spent to raise “awareness” about other diseases that need attention.

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