This Hasidic Jew sings the national anthem better than Lady Gaga

Remember Shulem Lemmer?

He’s Decca’s new Hasidic star.

Catch this.

And this is Lady Gaga.

And there’s more:

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  • Violafan says:

    Very funny. Great performance by this young man.

    Lady Gaga is amazing though. Everyone should go see A Star is Born in theaters now.

  • Hmus says:

    They are both appalling renditions, with the accent on ‘rend.’ It’s a national anthem, not a torch song, cocktail music, blues or strip club entertainment. Wailing, gargling and mucuous, arhythmic croonings don’t improve an already lame tune. Sing it straight, or better yet, leave it alone. Sports entertainment doesn’t need an extra infusion of jingoistic militarism any more than that tune needs braying.

  • Marie says:

    He’s terrific, I agree! However, the Lady Gaga video linked to here is actually a parody and does not have her voice. Here is a video of her actual performance from 2016, which I think you’ll find more listenable:

  • AndrewB says:

    Shulem’s voice reminds me of John Denver a little

  • Ms.Melody says:

    Can this be the next Pierce or Tucker? It is a light tenor, but he has potential

  • Sharon says:

    Many, although not all, ultra Orthodox Jews believe G*d punished Jews by the Holocaust because of Jewish “idolatry”, that is following other forms of Judaism and Marxism. They believed therefore that they did not want to contaminate themselves through association with other Jews and non Jews which is why they tried to limit their work, when they worked at all, to within their own Jewish community, teaching and selling things to each other. Many of them believed that it was through their own piety that the world will be redeemed. They have large families partially because they believe that there are a lot of Jewish souls lost in the Holocaust waiting to be born to fulfill G*d’s destiny for that particular soul.

    However, even they had to start facing reality sooner or later. Because welfare benefits both here and in Israel are decreasing (in New York City they are now almost nothing) and because the ultra Orthodox community is too large now so there is no longer enough jobs within itr the ultra Orthodox have begun to start doing renumerative things in the secular world. At one time many ultra Orthodox young men could hardly speak English but they are being forced assimilate somewhat.

    As far as I am concerned this cannot happen soon enough.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      “…they believe that there are a lot of Jewish souls lost in the Holocaust waiting to be born to fulfill G*d’s destiny for that particular soul.”

      Er…this doctrine would be rather unsound within the Orthodox Jewish community. Or any Jewish or Christian community, for that matter.

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