The earliest photo of Gustav Mahler?

I have never seen this image before. It does not appear in the Alfred Roller iconography (where Alma supplied the pics) and I have not seen it catalogued in any of the major Mahler collections.

The seller does not say where it came from.

Here’s the blurb from ebay:

An extremely rare early childhood CDV photograph of the great composer at age 3, shown wearing a checked coat and matching hat and riding a wheeled horse toy. A note on the verso in a contemporary hand reads: “Gustav Mahler—Iglau 1863.” 6 x 10.2 cm. Scattered ink speckles, central and diagonal creases, including small losses along left edge and to one location within the image. The present photograph predates by two years the first image of the composer recorded in Roller “Die Bildnisse von Gustav Mahler” and is thus believed to be the earliest known photograph of Mahler. 

The seller wants $5,000.

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  • Without wanting to undermine the seller on ebay, and in order to obtain a better image definition for all Mahler buffs, it is quite easy to Photoshop this picture if you know how. Retouching the stains etc., would obviously take more time and work.

    How does one go about sharing pictures on this website? Would it be illegal to do so while the auction is still going on?

    • This photo is being offered on eBay on a “buy it now” basis. It is not being offered in an auction, so there is no bidding involved. It is available on eBay on a first-come-first served basis at the stated price.

      If you do an internet search for “The Earliest Known Photograph of Mahler”, you will also find it for sale on the website of the autograph dealer who is offering it. I am NOT that person.

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