Sondra Radvanovsky drops a role

She has told Munich she won’t sing Elisabetta again in Donizetti’s Roberto Devereux.

Her replacement next March will be the veteran Edita Gruberova. She’s not dropping anything.

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  • ^ Haha. When I saw that there was only one comment (so far) on this post, I knew who it would be from and what it would say. LOL.

  • I think that this situation requires some clarification, but I am not sure who could provide it.
    Did Ms.Rad simply cancel the two performances in Munich, or has she indeed dropped the role from her active repertoire?
    She just recently had a huge success in the role at the San Francisco Opera, and it would surprise me if has in fact dropped the role altogether.

  • She will not sing this part (like Norma) again. She was overwhelmed in San Francisco. Gruberová has contract for this part in 2021 :-)…

  • I was waiting for my tickets to hear Sondra Radvanovsky, but I have cancelled my petition. I don´t want to punish my ears listening to a geriatric Gruberova. She was great, but now it is painful to hear her. I hope they can fill the theater all that days, but I have some doubts about it. I know many people who cancelled too.

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