Singer sues university over David Daniels allegation

In mid-summer, we reported that an American baritone was making allegations of rape against the countertenor David Daniels and his partner.

When the accuser’s name was made public, another ex-student came forward with a further complaint.

Andrew Lipian, is now suing the University of Michigan for failing to protect him from his teacher’s unwanted attentions.

Report here.

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  • Wow! This a shocking story but not really a surprise. Daniels has always had a reputation for being rather sleazy in his sex life, but to come on to one his students is completely unprofessional. I am glad the student spoke up about it rather quickly and filed the appropriate lawsuit. It sound as though the student has plenty of incriminating evidence against Daniels, such as videos, texts and photos. The University of Michigan has a lot to answer for here, if they knew of these allegations and did nothing.

    • Wait til you see the pics of Lipian modeling underwear and sending to Daniels and his partner LONG before they were ever associated with Michigan. Lipian is closeted and got caught. Nothing more.

    • The student is suing both the University of Michigan and David Daniels. The lawsuit claims, among other things, that the University knew about the sexual harassment and did nothing about it. They should throw the book at both Daniels and the University. This type of sexual abuse should not be happening to students trying to get an education. Daniels obviously felt his title of “Professor of Voice” entitled him to abuse his student(s). I hope the student gets the justice he deserves.

  • This is it for Daniels. He’ll be fired immediately and his career is over. If the University is complicit, very bad.

  • It’s quite interesting (and telling) that the usual trolls who roll their eyes and make sarcastic and demeaning remarks about these kind of accusations on this site are silent about this one. Could the gender of the accuser have anything to do with this…?

  • Apart from Daniels, the glaringly weird behavior and judgements of the accuser stand out- he gets sent videos of Daniels masturbating and doesn’t think to report it to the university, is repeatedly asked to reciprocate, ditto, then gets invited to watch tv at D’s apt and agrees and has several hard alcohol drinks with him then says he’s raped while woozy/drugged by Ds, still doesn’t report him, continues to take weekly voice class with him, confides to another teacher who reports it when he hasn’t and is now suing the university for not opening a complaint procedure against D’s —HE DID NOTHING HE REPORTED NOTHING HE STARTED NO INVESTIGATION and is suing university for not acting like it was serious when he never acted like it was serious- why accept an invitation to drink and watch tv at house of man you say sexually harasses you, why claim rape and not report it etc – dunces need to be educated how to act and complain and protect themselves and set boundaries for xs sake, male and female idiots and players (like Steve coleman’s, Asia argento, Ashoka pai – come on, we need to set rules as a society and train people common sense

    • Not all of these accusations are the same. You are painting with a broad brush. Evidence was posted proving that Argento lied about not having sex with a minor in California – but her case is still not resolved yet. Coleman has a pending defamation suit against his accuser, and has posted convincing evidence online that she may not be telling the truth, so that case is pending) Not everyone accused is guilty. We need to rely on evidence, not only on accusations. Anyone can lie.

  • Because the authority there, in terms of civil charges, in charge of employment, is the university, in this case the University of Michigan. Criminal charges ought to be filed as well; Baylor University is deserving of a weighty lawsuit against them for a drugged rape case involving a now ex-frat president as the perpetrator there. I think there is a chance for sure that Houston Grand Opera and maybe even Rice University ought to be sued as well. The only way for this activity to cease is for the kind of response to it that is sorely needed to take place – and a little more expeditiously.

  • I can tell you I have personally been around Andrew, David Daniels, and Scott Walters and I personally witnessed Andrew attempt to grope Scott Walters – while completely sober – and beg to sleep in bed with Scott and then proceeded to make out with Scott. I personally saw this. Andrew Lipian is the biggest closet queen and liar. He is married with kids and I guarantee you his wife found his secret life and this is a farce to get out of it. Unbelievable.

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