Music student is jailed for attempted murder

Samuel Aguda, 20, was part of the Manchester Camerata Youth Forum at the Royal Northern College of Music. He had a place to study music at the University of Leeds when he shot a man in a drugs-related dispute.

Samuel, who had given up classical music for rap, was jailed in Manchester for 24 years.

Report here.

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  • It is not impossible that this young man took the rap culture too seriously, and that all those offences have been part of the curriculum, and entirely misunderstood by the police. On the other hand, the arrest and jail sentence may also have been part of the curriculum. Classical music is really much better and there are no prison sentences to be fulfilled when playing wrong notes. Also it does no great harm to people practioning it.

  • This is a tragic story at many levels: the switch from classical to rap is superfluous in the scheme of things.

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