Maestro stays: Muti renews in Chicago

It was reconfirmed in Chicago last night that the music director had signed on til August 2022. That’s good.

Less bright is the Orchestra’s annual result: the CSO trimmed its losses by half a million bucks but is still $900.000 in the red.

The musicians’s contract ran out last month but they’ve agreed to extend it to next spring in the hope of reaching an amicable agreement.

Details here.


photo: Todd Rosenberg/CSO

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  • Four more years of boredom. I’ll just listen to the broadcasts on SUN evenings and pocket my money, thank you very much. I don’t want to waste hard earned money that could be better spent on wine, women and song.

  • There seems to be a lot of good, younger talent out there at this time. Let’s hope the 2023 crop of rookies and available veterans will be as good.

  • As a Chicago resident, I feel the CSO deserves better. He’s so unimaginative and quite frankly boring as a conductor. He usually ends up neutering what should be the most exciting orchestral music.
    I look forward to guest conductors.

  • Why shouldn’t he renew, the money is great the requirements zilch,as long as they start to-gether
    and end to-gether it will be considered an artistic

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