Maestro move: French orchestra picks Texan chief

The Orchestre national d’Île-de-France has named Case Scaglione as its next music director, starting a year from now.

A former Alan Gilbert assistant, Case is presently chief of the Württemberg chamber orchestra.

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  • The French are so inconsistent about capitalization:

    Alliance française
    République française

    La Fille du régiment
    La fille du régiment

    and they write La Bohème
    but we write La bohème (as if we know better)

    then there are L’
    Orchestre national de France and
    Orchestre national d’Île-de-France
    Orchestre National de France and
    Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
    on the RF site

    … keeps people up all night

    • How right you are Mr Olassus. In days gone-by we never put accents on capital letters. Now they proliferate as part, I guess, of branding a product/group.

      • The reason for not putting accent on a capital letter was “mechanical” and goes back to the typewriter era.
        There is no reason not to put an accent on capital anymore.

        Personally, I tend not to capitalize adjectives as in “Orchestre symphonique”, “Orchestre national”. As for capitals in title (La Fille du régiment or La Bohème), I believe it’s a (bad) influence from English where’s there are capital letters everywhere. I’d go with “La fille”.
        But that’s just me…

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