Maestra rising: New chief in Basle

Kristiina Poska has been named music director at Theater Basel, starting next year.

The Estonian, 39, has been a very, very busy kapellmeister at the Komische Oper Berlin.

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  • Left-handed AND a female. Well, there’s something seldom seen on a conductor’s podium. How nice that we no longer select our leading conductors solely from the pool of right-handed white men.

  • She had her own camera crew film her during dress rehearsals with various orchestras (obviously for publicity) and I have seen this. Maybe not any more, now that she has been nominated. Energetic conductor nevertheless.

    • That’s common practice with many conductors, especially those whose careers are on an upward trajectory, or so they hope (in other words, they are still applying for jobs higher up on the ladder). Applications for conducting jobs usually require video footage of the candidate, preferably conducting a professional orchestra.

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