Last rites for Montserrat Caballé

The diva is being laid to rest today in Barcelona.

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  • She will be sadly missed in the musical world. A real character. Ghena Dimitrova used to say ‘To be a Diva you have to have temperament, but to be a Prima Donna you have to have voice!’
    Monserrat had voice – a real Prima Donna. Much loved by her public.

  • This is a comment on the the heading “Last Rites…”.

    In the Catholic Church, at least, the Last Rites are normally performed before death.

  • ‘Last rites’ refers to the rites performed for a person shortly before death, i.e. anointing, hearing confession, etc., not the rites performed after death.

  • Everything that was so special about “La Superba” — thank you Alexis Weissenberg for posting this particular selection.


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