Label blues: Naxos quits no-pay streaming service

Label blues: Naxos quits no-pay streaming service


norman lebrecht

October 14, 2018

Message received:

Franklin, Tennessee, October 11, 2018:  Naxos of America today joined a growing list of music distributors who have pulled their owned content, as well as that of all third party label partners that it distributes digitally, from the digital music streaming service eMusic. Effective immediately, Naxos of America distributed music will no longer be available on eMusic. This action was taken due to eMusic’s continued non-payment, as well as non-reporting, for use of Naxos’s content.


  • John Marks says:

    Is the word “Deadbeat” in the British vocabulary?

    Reading the headline, I thought “No-Pay” was an inapt way of saying “Free.”


  • shoegirl says:

    This does explain why literally nothing I try to download is available. Shame, as eMusic were a good service for a long time. Seems they are on the verge of collapse now.

    • Dennis says:

      I had problems with many albums recently too when my monthly account reset, and found few available that I was interested in. Been an eMusic member since 2006. They used to be great, but it has declined significantly in the past year. I wasn’t aware of the issues they were having with some labels. A shame to see.

      Not sure why Lebrecht calls it a streaming service. It’s not. You purchase downloads like at iTunes or Amazon.