La Fenice is on fire again

La Fenice is on fire again


norman lebrecht

October 02, 2018

The historic Venice opera house, rebuilt after an arson attack in 1996, was on fire again yesterday.

This time, the fire brigade got there fast.

Two firefighters were treated later for smoke inhalation.


  • John Kelly says:

    Last time I was there, I saw firefighters in the lobby prior to the performance and at intermission, and someone said they’re there for every performance, so it’s no wonder they got there fast…………….and apparently they’re needed. Wonderful house in Venice and we saw a splendid Butterfly with Svetlana Kasyan.

    • edo says:

      In Italy It is mandatory by the law the firebrigade to be present in the theater during all the performance until the public leaves the building. Moreover the public is admitted in the theater and the event can start only after the firebrigade as granted permission upon inspection of the theater which usually happens 30-45 minutes before the scheduled time.

      Last time the theater was set on fire during the night in a criminal attack attempting to cover delays in some part of the restructuring of the building.

  • Bill says:

    Don’t they have sprinkler systems in Italy?

  • John Borstlap says:

    I read the heading entirely differently.

  • Sue says:

    Ah, “The Firebird” again.