Keep an eye on the Frenchwoman in the Joachim finals

Six contestants have reached the final of Hannover’s self-styled biggest-prize violin competition.

They are:

Rennosuke Fukuda 
Cosima Soulez Larivière
Timothy Chooi
Youjin Lee
Leonard Fu
Dmytro Udovychenko

For reasons that may become apparent, the French finalist is the one to watch.


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  • Maybe she is, but I’ll keep mine on Canadian Timothy Chooi, who has vast concert experience despite still being at Juilliard.

    That leaves three Asians out of six — wasn’t this the same comp you were slagging the other day for being almost all-Asian? I know Chooi is of Chinese stock but he was born in B.C. and unless you are of the anti-Windrush type, which I do not for a moment suppose you are, I am sure you do not characterise people descended from immigrants as foreigners.

    • Timothy Chooi is an real artist and a joy to listen to! I did not know of him before this competition, he defintely would deserve to win but unfortunately, he is no student of anyone in the jury ..

  • The whole jury are friends, associates, colleagues and ex-students of Wegrzyn. Hannover has always been very swampy. Cosima (Wegrzyn student) 1st. Rennosuke (Juror Vernikov student) 2nd. Why do people even bother entering this farce?

  • i hear many gossips Prof. Wegrzyn told must leave after this competition time. Fired for very shameful actions. This last chance for his student win. Goodbye!!!

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