Just in: David Daniels denies all

The American countertenor has issued a statement denying any relationship with a young singer who accused him and his partner of rape.

Here’s the full text of his denial, issued through a PR:

Countertenor David Daniels denies allegations in civil complaint. Vows to defend his reputation.

“These allegations are both false and malicious. I have never had a physical relationship with the individual mentioned in this complaint. The events alleged here never happened and I intend to defend my reputation. I am an openly gay man who has been married to a wonderful partner for the past four years. It pains me that someone, for reasons that I cannot fathom, would attempt to destroy my career, the program at Michigan and all that I hold dear.”

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  • Like Levine and every other accused of sexual abuse, Daniels goes out the door kicking and screaming. He can kick and scream all he wants but, like Levine, he is burnt toast, their reputations in ashes, never again to recover.

  • He’s been courting sexual targets all his life. Just talk to almost anyone in the opera industry off the record and you’ll get a lot of corroborating stories. He regularly would go to summer camps and took students from their cabins back to his hotel or cabin for the night.

    • Against their will? (Or too young to give “informed consent”?) Being a “bit of a slut” isn’t illegal. Its the other things which are.

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