How Spanish police train their dogs with classical music

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  • …an acquaintance who worked at the drug department in Canadian police forces told me before that a well-trained dog cost about 50K and when they had an accident with a police car it wasn’t so catastrophically for them as an accident with a police dog, cause the dog is a friend and a car is just an iron box on wheels.
    Any way I have a thought the best life for those dogs is to live at home with a family. Madame Brigitte Bardot should be heard all over the world starting from the UN tribune and ending with a distant police station in the middle of nowhere ( not to forget those muslim countries where they say that dogs are “impure”).
    just my opinion, of course….

  • Beethoven VI does indeed have that effect. When played in the concert hall, the entire audience is calm and no longer barks, even in the winter season.

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