Dudamel lands $250,000 award

The Los Angeles Philharmonic music director is to receive the 25th annual Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, endowed by the early movie stars.

How did he get that?

Among recent winners is the Disney Hall architect Frank Gehry, who might have put in a good word.

Dude says he is ‘humbled’.

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  • Bleuch. I hope he donates the money to help some of the two million Venezuelan immigrants, victims of the government that he was so tight with for so many years. Maybe he could follow Gabriela Montero’s lead and actually help some struggling Venezuelan musicians rather than talking vaguely about peace love and harmony.

  • He probably deserves it,

    But in a world of scarce monetary resources for classical musicians, must we keep channeling so many of the “rewards”, with their consequent money prizes and prestige, into the handful of music institutions/persons that already have both in abundance?

  • Is a long established artist, reportedly earning millions, really the most deserving or appropriate recipient of a large cash “prize”? How do adjudicators justify this when there are countless talented struggling artists out there? This is hardly the only such prize, but the rationale has always puzzled me. I don’t think I’d be as “humbled” as slightly embarrassed.

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