Charles Aznavour saved Jews from the Nazis

The French singer, who died this week aged 94, took an active part in his family’s efforts to hide Jews in Paris, risking their own lives under the German occupation.

On receiving a humanitarian award with his sister from Israel’s President Rivlin, Aznavour said: ‘We have so many things in common, the Jews and the Armenians, in misfortune, in happiness, in work, in music, in the arts and in the ease of learning different languages and becoming important people in the countries where they have been received.’

May he enjoy eternal rest.

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  • Charles was one of the best among the authors and performers of chanson francaise and such a noble and courageous person. May him rest in peace.

  • Thank you very much Charles for being an Angel on earth…One of the best Human beings ever to lived on this planet…Hearing your songs brings out all my emotions and sentiments…I can’t help but to cry tears of joy with your music.. May your rest in peace mon amie.

  • The comparisons of him to Frank Sinatra make me ill. He was far above Sinatra in every respect. Except he sang too fast.

  • He was an unremarkable artist, who discribed his life and others with a lyric that’s gives chills. He catched my heart with his song”la boheme”,since my youth I loved him and I still do I am 63.Peace for Aznavour.

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