Biz news: Salzburg pianist gets a deal

Hazard Chase have signed Zlata Chochieva, assistant to Professor Jacques Rouvier at the Mozarteum University.

She has co-founded a Rachmaninov festival at the composer’s Russian estate,  Ivanovka.

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  • Zlata Chochieva is a distinctive and compelling artist in a different way than those terms often imply. The simple way of saying it is that she can draw out the lyricism in almost any piece of piano music no matter how overwhelming the challenge is on paper. Audiences and critics have noted her unusual combination of outstanding virtuoso technique, calm presence at the keyboard, and vibrant tone that she draws out of the instrument. Among Zlata’s recordings a particularly notable one is a disk with two of Rachmaninoff’s most troublesome works – the Chopin Variations and the first piano sonata. While Amazon reviews are not the gold standard of criticism, just check out the unanimous reaction of the five current commenters on this CD, including their specific remarks on the performer’s style and the listeners’ reaction.

    From a US perspective, a big shout-out is due here to Giselle Brodsky of the Miami International Piano Festival. For a few years it seemed that Miami was the exclusive place in America where Zlata performed live concerts. Now her concert schedule is taking her across the country partly due, no doubt, to the Miami Festival’s championing of this artist. Norman mentioned that Zlata also has a teaching position at the Mozarteum, so it’s worth noting as well that Zlata has often given master classes to what appear to be mid-level and eager students at the Miami Festival’s summer academy. The resulting YouTube videos show her ability to be meaningful and specific with these pianists on both technique and interpretation, which you don’t always find with top-level artists and which she no doubt carries to her permanent position in Salzburg.

    • Hi David, thank you so much for shedding a light as to who Zlata Chochieva really is as an artist.

      She is one of the most astonishing pianists we have presented in 22 years, a first class musician, a compelling pianist and a true communicator with the audience.

      She is also a remarkable teacher that knows the craft of piano playing like few. We are honored to have her in the faculty of the Miami International Piano Academy where she will be teaching this summer.

      Here are two invaluable presentations she offered to a group of young brilliant pianists:



      If you didn’t have the chance to hear Miss Chochieva I recommend you do, we have documented every single performance she offered in our Festival.

      We look forward to inviting her again she is truly special.


      Giselle Brodsky
      Artistic Director & Founder
      Miami International Piano Festival

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