Barbra Streisand to Donald Trump: Don’t Lie to Me

Video single, released today:

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  • President Trump to Huge Schnoz – you want the (sad) truth ? You haven’t made a decent movie in more than 20 years. You want a second opinion? You are ugly, too

  • At this late stage Streisand is better off throwing fundraiser dinners at her Malibu estate and donating to the DNC. Both are tax writeoffs.

  • Barbra is to be commended for telling that self centered egomaniac the TRUTH. Trump is the WORST presedent we have ever had! I say bravo to Barbra, and to hell with all the above haters. You elected that a–hole, and now he is destroying the world.

  • She should have been in Beijing (see another SD story) and sung In Trutina from Carmina Burana. I think she’s obnoxious, egotistical, snobbish, stupid, and over-rated, but damn she nailed that song on the Classical Barbra album.

  • Hilarious. Virtue signalling multi-millionaires trying to shove their opinions down people’s throats, instead of just ripping off the public in the traditional manner.

  • Evil doers, the vulgar, the haters of humanity reign–but good, and the lover’s of humanity will rule the planet again. Barbara Beautifully done!

  • Barbara, I have always valued your ability to develop and perform complex programs with perfection. Your voice and range and the emotion you express have enrolled me. Not you’ve stepped even larger by putting this program together in an even different voice, knowing full well the controversy and smiles from some. Well, I apologize your courage and this straight forward response.

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