Another new conductor is on her way

They are coming thick and fast.

Columbia Artists have signed Marie Jacquot, Kapellmeisterin at Mainfranken Theater Würzburg.


She played trombone before she took up the baton.


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  • I hate this new layout design.
    This trendy grabbing of female conducting “talent” is a sure si9n of favoritism without standards of excellence. That is not good for anyone.

    • Because if standards of excellence were being adhered to, then the conductors hired would be ___________? (fill in the blank)

  • I like the pleading look on her face: ‘See, I’ve bought a baton; now just put the juicy contract in my left hand’.

  • I’ve been a conductor for the past 18years, and just because i do not have grades due to the fact that i train our church choirs, i was unsuccessful in an Application to compete in a conductor competition due to that. I love training choirs an working with them an would love to take it further.

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