Anna Netrebko: I won’t do more than 5 shows in a run

Anna Netrebko: I won’t do more than 5 shows in a run


norman lebrecht

October 30, 2018

From a five-minute interview with Broadway World:

‘You may have noticed that I no longer do eight performances in the run of an opera–I only do five. I found eight was taking too much out of me–not only vocally but also emotionally. I don’t want to burn myself out in this repertoire, which is so demanding.’

Having confirmed that she’s studying Salome, Anna says one other new role comes first: ‘My next big new role is going to be Leonora in La Forza del Destino, with Tony Pappano at Covent Garden. I look forward to that.’



  • Mark Atwood says:

    Very few opera singers can break even with just 5 performances. It must take some amazing fees (and no rehearsals) in order to be able to leave with so few.

  • EJ says:

    Can she cut down to zero?

  • Sarah says:

    Wow, she is a really amazing and responsible musician.

  • Sanity says:

    That she can no longer fulfil a standard 7-8 performance run is very telling indeed.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    I don’t think one can blame her, and she can obviously afford it.

  • Marcus Clayton says:

    Good for her, I say. I see no reason why a 5 performance run should be a problem for any opera house lucky enough to get her. She sings some very demanding roles and doesn’t want to burn out. Quite understandable, as she is a singer who goes out there and gives her all, and doesn’t shirk the demands of any given role. Plus, at the Met anyway, she is the only singer today who regularly sells out the house. So, give her whatever she wants, I say.

  • Andrew Powell says:


  • Myrtar says:

    Maybe she could use the spare time to improve her Italian and German diction, which is atrocious of an artist of her level.

  • Laura says:

    Good for her, she needs to take care of herself first. She gives enough of herself to us. Personally, I fear the day she retires. I can’t imagine this world without Ms. Netrebko performing, so whatever she needs to do is perfectly ok with me. She is the greatest opera singer of all time, and don’t bother shouting at me, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Good for you Ms. Netrebko, every decision you have made thus far is correct. God Bless you, we love you Anna.

  • David Boxwell says:

    “I want the tickets to see me to be “hot” and in short supply.”

  • Tsarina says:

    Meanwhile, her fellow countryman and friend Ildar Abdrazakov did TEN performances of “Boris Godunov” in Paris this summer – all of them absolutely outstanding. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my kind of opera superstar!