Amid US bombs, a Democrat and Republican make music together

In the state of Vermont Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo are running against each other for election to State House.

But they have taken to ending political hustings with a song, one playing guitar, the other cello.

This is not Donald Trump’s America.

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    • Err…you do know that the original basis of the Republican Party were the people of rural and semi-rural New England and nearby states. And particularly among religious “Nonconformists” (e.g. Presbytarians and Congregationalists). Democrat voting in New England (and the North Eastern US) is largely urban and the result of immigration (even if that immigration is from the 19th and early 20th century).

  • That’s classy.
    The majority of the USA is not Trump’s: his net support (approval minus disapproval) has been negative throughout his presidency, mostly hovering between -10 and -15.

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