A cello is stolen between Potsdam and Berlin

A cello is stolen between Potsdam and Berlin


norman lebrecht

October 14, 2018

Sofia Chekalina, a cello and conducting student at the Hanns Eisler HFM, is appealing for help in recovering her cherished instrument, which was stolen while she travelled on a crowded metro train from Potsdam to Berlin.

Sofia, who plays in the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, tells Slipped Disc that the cello is slightly chipped at the top and ‘was in light green cellobag my father made for me.’

The theft was in August and there have been no sightings.


  • Salburg a Patterson says:

    Why do people do such crappy things as steal, especially stealing someone’s beloved instrument they use for making their living? I’ll never understand it. It’s not like you can go and sell these instruments quickly easily.

  • Thrown_out_of_the_Kremlin_for_Singing says:

    A violint crime. String the perp up!