Zakhar Bron wins another competition for his students

Zakhar Bron wins another competition for his students


norman lebrecht

September 22, 2018

The irrepressible violin professor was chairman of the jury of the Wieniawski Competition in Lublin.

The joint winners – Sara Dragan and Raquel Areal Martinez – are both Bron students.

So is the second prize winner, Eduard Kollert.

The competition is funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and the city of Lublin.

Perhaps they should look into the misallocation of public awards.

Results here.



  • YS says:

    And, not to forget to mention, the worldwide reknown ARD Musikwettbewerb from Munich:

    Sensational singers this year

    1st prize
    Russian Mezzo Natalya Boeva

    2nd prize
    Swiss Basso Milan Silyanov

  • Bill says:

    If I’m reading the website correctly, he’s been chairman for this competition for a long time. The funders may be perfectly content with the results they are getting from their investment, even if it doesn’t line up with your notions of how things should be.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Actually, it may not much matter to the funders that he gives the prize to his own students. They probably aren’t interested much in finding great musicians, but rather wish to publicise the city to the music community, and encourage people to visit.

  • Tigerdad says:

    You forgot to mention that in Junior Group 1st prize and Grand Prix Winner Teo Gertler, 1st prize Sofie Leifer as well as 4th Marie-Audes Mellies and 5th Vera Kostner are regular participants of the Bron Academy in Interlaken resp. even listed as his master students. Same with Eduard Kollert (2nd) and Laura Handler (4th) in Senior Group.
    The rest are students affiliated with other members of the jury, so no surprise at all.

  • Testore says:

    Why doesn’t he just start a competition called the Zakhar Bron International Violin Competition and have his students enter and invite former students to be jury members?

  • Greg Lener says:

    He should be banned from all competitions. It’s disgrace.