Where’s Gatti? Conducting in China

The ousted music director of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw orchestra is back on the podium this week, leading a Brahms evening with the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra.

The soloists are Ning Feng (violin) and Nie Jiapeng (cello).


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  • Why can’t the Chinese use Roman letters for Brahms instead of “勃拉姆斯”?

    How do they arrive at that anyway? Japanese katakana at least signals when a word is foreign and makes and effort to get the sound right.

    • At present, most of Gatti’s upcoming engagements are still in Europe….mostly in Italy but also with the BRSO and the Berlin Phil.

      • The precipitate ousting, on say-so non-evidence by as yet anonymous members of the orchestra by the Concertgebouw management, of a conductor of the stature of Daniele Gatti will, I hope, go down in history as a the stupid move it is. The PC crowd at Amsterdam’s Van Baerlestraat should, at the very least, have waited until formal charges had been pressed and tested in court. They have now let the world know that occupants of their rostrum are fair game: it will become difficult to attract maestros worthy of this great ensemble. No disrespect to Philippe Herreweghe who, I believe, has signed for them.

        • Yes but my fly on the wall informed me that he has a special clause inserted that, in case he cannot restrain himself vis-a-vis the females in the orchestra, he may still continue his tenure for 3 months while the females concerned will be on leave during that period with their full salary.

        • Huh? Why do you think you are entitled to see the evidence presented at a confidential internal disciplinary hearing? If Gatti believes the outcome was unfair he can always take his employer to court.

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