Survey: Piano teachers are stuck in their development

A survey of 389 British piano teachers conducted by the Finchcocks learning centre yields some predictable depressing results:

Finchcocks’ survey revealed that over a third of piano teachers – 37% – do not undertake any formal professional development. For most teachers, this was not because they had no interest in developing their skills – in fact the vast majority (90%) said they wanted more training – but it was because of the scarcity of courses available for teachers. Indeed 25% of piano teachers surveyed rated the provision of teaching resources available to piano teachers as “poor” or “very poor”.

Motivation, practice and rhythm key teaching challenges

An almost unanimous 94% of piano teachers surveyed stated that they’d like to develop techniques for better motivating their students; 9 out of 10 teachers stated that they’d like to develop methods of instilling better practice techniques in their students; and 89% of teachers admitted that teaching students to play rhythmically was a key challenge.


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  • Do you have a link to this? I’d want to see their methodology and other detail — these kinds of surveys frequently behave like their counterparts in the political realm, i.e., they often contain hidden agenda and statistical confounds or sample/population mismatch, so allowing readers the ability to examine the survey construction and its methodology, MoE, etc., would be useful.

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