Simon Rattle to receive Berlin’s Order of Merit

Simon Rattle to receive Berlin’s Order of Merit


norman lebrecht

September 28, 2018

The former chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic is to be honoured with the Verdienstorden des Landes Berlin, it was announced this morning.

He will share this year’s honour with eleven other personalities, including the actress Anna Loos.



  • kreislercomp says:

    Dear Mr. Lebrecht,
    You dont have to post this as a comment, i just want to let you know!
    Please report about the Kreisler Competition. It is catastrophal. The competition is organized to let the son of the teacher and string Departure of University of Music in Vienna play with the vienna Philharmonic orchestra. Every musician i know is confused and shocked about the decisions made by the Jury.
    Please listen to the Livestream, you can see, that especially 2 Finalists really did not deserve to be in the final.
    Please dont let them do this unnoticed. Even the buro got complaining emails, that gets ignored.

    • Dan Redding says:

      I was going to comment about Rattle being way too big for his boots.
      Then I got sidetracked reading about the Kreisler Comp. Just up your street, Norman. Mind you, fixed competitions won’t come as a shock to anyone

      • Sherlock holmes says:

        I just heard that the jury noticed that the decisions are very Strange, they voted some very bad and still they Pass. Scandal in coming!
        There is no Jury Meeting, they Just give their votes. Now they noticed that the decisions are strange. Rigged!

    • Realmusiclover says:

      Its true, even more : you cant listen the end of the Sibelius Concerto of the potential first prize winner, because its cutted frome the facebook video of the final with the piano in Brahms Saal of Musikverein and it doesnt exist in the mediatek of the vienna university probably to avoid the scandal, wich is anyways already obvious.

      • Cardinal says:

        Today was an awful Sibelius by P.Kropfitsch. He should play his Sarcasm at home with own composed pieces and not playing “whatever comes to mind and hands” Sibelius and other poor composers played by KP. I thought I will drink Vodka if he gets the first price as this would be too much shame for whole music world and Musikverein and ORF Symphony orchestra. I just do not understand how dared he come to the stage playing like this, how his teaches does not have ears, how the jury allow such things? Clear all for money, the Kropfitsch family will still bring a lot of shame to Vienna, once music capital. And I do not recommend to any musician to take part at Fritz Kreisler competition as it is already dead, RIP. Happy that he did not even get a second price, although too late as he came to the final. I am very sorry for all these great and talented violinists who spent so much money, time, nerves and hope going to F.Kreisler Competition. Guys, you know, you diserve more and fair, where understanding public and jury with balls can appreciate your shine! Good luck to everyone who goes this difficult path!

        • Independent listener says:

          Well well, Mister Kropfich and Co didnt manage the first prize, but i have to say, that general direction of the music today is very upsetting. The winner of the competition mastered one of the most boring Shostakovich Concertos i ve ever heard in my long life, although every time it happens i wonder – how is it possible?! How can be this deepest, tragic piece, full of places, screamed out directly from the heart, played so pragmatic, thinking only about right position of hands, nice movements of the bow and non-scratching cords in the right hand??!! The 18 y.o.Canadian girl with her solid technique and courageous Glazunov Concerto seemed much more honest, motivated and promising to me.. Pity that the jury desided to choose between talented dilletantism and professional boredom..