Sicklist: Matchless Janine Jansen is still on and off

Sicklist: Matchless Janine Jansen is still on and off


norman lebrecht

September 23, 2018

The Dutch violinist gave a ‘matchless’ performance of Szymanowski in London last week.

Then she cancelled this week’s appearance in Hong Kong.

Flight fatigue?



  • Ricardo says:

    It is called being human. Janine Jansen is a real artist. She is also a human being. The life of a travelling virtuoso is inhuman. I wish her all the rest she can get and thank her for the beauty she shares with us. Her performance of the Eliasson concerto (available on YouTube) is up there, where Life Is Real.

    • Alan says:

      I’m in total agreement with you, Ricardo. JJ is one of today’s finest musicians.
      Best of health and happiness to her!

  • Tamino says:

    long distance flying is stress. So maybe she does the smart thing, going back into the performance routine without the added stress of longhaul flying.

  • Wai kit leung says:

    I was looking forward to her visit to Hong Kong and disappointed to see that she cancelled for “health reason”. I hope it is just a minor issue. She also cancelled when I went to her concert in the US a couple of years ago. Just fate I guess!

  • Robert Groen says:

    Janine Jansen unfortunately has suffered burnout before, if this is the current problem. She is a highly gifted, sensitive artist and it’s people like that who can occasionally run into trouble with the (other contributors have already said it) inhuman demands and exertions of concert touring. Even Yuja Wang, that bubbliest, fittest of contemporary soloists, has found that she needed a break, I say this as someone who gets a nervous breakdown every time he enters an airport. So let’s all lay off her for a while and give her a chance to recharge her batteries. If you can’t live without her playing for even a day, she has plenty of great recordings to her name.

    • Rob Groen says:

      Again a ‘different’ Robert Groen than the one who accompanied Janine in 2000 to Buenos Aires for Triple Beethoven:
      Rob Groen(Concertmanagement Rob Groen)

      • Robert Groen says:

        Rob, niks mis met een beetje reclame voor jezelf maken, maar moet dat ten koste van mij? Ik heb jou hier nog niet eerder gezien, ik ga voor jou m’n naam niet veranderen, dus laat me met rust. Of (en dit is misschien een aantrekkelijker optie) doe gewoon mee en laat iedereen in z’n waarde. Moeilijk als je jezelf als “Friend of the Stars” wil profileren, maar met een beetje goeie wil moet het lukken. Overigens is het met dat Verdi label nooit echt iets geworden. Jammer.

      • Melisande says:

        As I informed SD on September 7 the violinist Janine Jansen is recovering from a hand injury and therefore, step by step, will decide when to play or not.
        Therefore it has nothing to do with a burn-out that was such an ungraceful item in the film made about her many years ago.
        By the way: Is the Rob Groen Concertmanagement still alive?

    • Ruben Greenberg says:

      Airports are a nightmare-I agree with you. The best solution is to take off from a small town and land in one; when this is possible. It makes a major difference.