Just in: Martha Argerich suffers bathroom fall

Just in: Martha Argerich suffers bathroom fall


norman lebrecht

September 09, 2018

We understand that Martha’s concert cancellation in Milan was caused by a serious accident.

She fell in a bathroom, injuring her hands, back and head. A doctor ordered two days rest.

She is expected to rejoin the Youth Orchestra of the State of Bahia tour in Bologna on Tuesday.

We wish Martha, 77, a speedy recovery.



  • Akane says:

    She is actually playing this afternoon at
    Septembre musical at Montreux with Charles
    Dutoit and European philharmonic of Switzerland the Liszt concerto no.1

  • Peter Tarsio says:

    She has had a a long esteemed career and the signs are there that she is ailing and should give up on public performance. But from a medical standpoint and her age it might be wise to do so.

    Peter Tarsio

  • Robert Holmén says:

    A head injury is a serious thing.

    If she has one she should be resting.

  • Lady Weidenfeld says:

    V Lind we are dealing with much more than “unreliability” ! We are dealing with a great artist who has a serious accident, injuring her head back and hands and is therefore forced to cancel a concert at short notice and on doctor’s orders. That she has the courage, and will-power to avoid cancelling another concert and letting down those involved,, is, as you say, much more than unreliability, it is super-human reliability!

    • Esther Cavett says:

      The bouts of cancer this amazing lady lived through would have slowed down most people. Check out the film ‘Martha’ where it says that in her hospital bed she looked like a wild animal with her will to live. She is truly great !!

    • V.Lind says:

      All sympathies to the injured, but if she was all that seriously injured last night she should not have been playing today. How many times in the past few years has she cancelled? She may well have been gutsy to perform — was this the one that involved Dutoit, to whom she is very loyal? — but still someone was let down and someone else was not. And she has a concert scheduled tomorrow — we shall see.

      She may be brave at moments, or at other aspects of her life, but she is (and always was, by the looks of it) unreliable, and anyone who books her had better be well-insured or covered with a replacement. This kind of unreliability, whatever the cause, is just selfish. It’s not as if she is desperate to perform — by all accounts she dislikes it and anyway will not appear alone.

  • Sue says:

    Very sorry to hear this about Maestro Argerich. The depredations of age. It’s the pits.

  • Jane Brown says:

    Dear V. Lind,
    Let me try to come down to your level…
    How pretentious of you to speak of great artists as you do: what gives you the right to put down others as you do?
    Oh! yes….I forgot, freedom of speech.
    This freedom of speech is allowing anyone and everyone to badmouth others under the pretence they are possibly more knowledgeable, more aware of a situation, above the majority of us.
    And sadly, we have to be confronted every day to people like yourself.
    But let me reassure you: the concert in Montreux was magnificent, majestic, sumptuous, filled with emotions. It was recorded, it was filmed, you cannot change the course of history.
    You cannot imply anything else because the people that were present at the concert know. They witnessed something incredible, memorable, and nothing you can say will ever change this.
    So why don’t you just examine yourself in the mirror and have a look at who you are. And who the performers are. I don’t think you quite fit in.
    Oh! and by the way, I was at the concert.

    • anmarie says:

      Jane Brown, you’re a breath of fresh air!

    • Lady Weidenfeld says:

      I agree one hundred percent with Jane Brown and envy her for being at what must have been a fantastic concert. V. Lind has incredible supernatural powers to enable him/her/it to judge how one feels after an accident — a fall is always a big shock even without getting hurt and reasons for any other cancellations or how one feels two days later, and what efforts are required to overcome pain and after-effects to give a concert. I hope this pathetic perdón is as judgemental with itself as it is with others!

    • V. Lind says:

      She chose who to let down. If it was the first time I would agree with all your comments. It’s about the 20th time in a year. She may be brave, she may still be as magical a pianist as ever, but She. Is. Unreliable. Constantly.

      • Ch P says:

        V. Lind. Silence is a great gift.You should try it. Thanks Jane Brown. Speedy recovery for an outstanding pianist.

      • Lady Weidenfeld says:

        There you go again V.Lind! “She chose who to let down”!Did you have a conversation with her on the subject? What the hell do you know about her situation and whether she had any choice concerning her capacity to perform? Your primitive and clueless assumptions are a big waste of time to read.

        • anmarie says:

          Lady Weidenfeld,

          Perhaps you missed a previous post by V. Lind in which she said that those who live in the United States of America should not call ourselves Americans.

          Clearly, she is irrational at best.

  • Lady Weidenfeld says:

    Thank you Anmarie and yes I did miss that one otherwise I would have been better prepared for the rubbish I reas now!

  • Cristian says:

    Martha played beautifully the Schumann concerto this Tuesday in Bologna without any difficulties. I gave her some flowers and she held my hands, thanking me. It’s the third time I saw her live.

    This sounds like a very offending lie towards Martha’s image. These kind of details aren’t to be shared without any press release from her management.

  • Anne Paul says:

    I wish her well. She is a beautiful talent. I wish I could see her live, but until that happens I satisfy myself with every You Tube video I can find as well as feeds from some concerts. If you think badly of her, don’t follow her…simple as that.