In Paris a flute student, 16, is molested by professor, 66

L’Obs magazine has been investigating #Metoo incidents at the major national conservatoires and music schools.

The first case it brings to light is a well-known flute professor who groomed young girls to have sex with him and others.

Read here.

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  • Article is paywalled (but seems very interesting) – anyone have access?

    L’article n’est pas libre d’accès- quelqu’un y aurait accès et pourrait le poster ici – il a l’air particulièrement intéressant

    • With Google Chrome you are offered a translation after you have reached the article.

      With Bing, right click on L’Obs (the very first word of the Slipped Disc article above), left click on Translate with Bing, and after a few seconds the translation will occur.

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