I’m an opera star. Buy my cookbook

I’m an opera star. Buy my cookbook


norman lebrecht

September 13, 2018

Aida Garifullina says: It’s only in Russian, but it’s very good for you.



Дорогие мои, спешу порадовать вас!!! 😃!!! Наконец-то наша кулинарная книга уже готова к предзаказу 😃 (ссылку можно найти в моем профиле на главной странице) !!! Целый год мы всей командой трудились над этой книгой, чтобы передать в ней всю мою любовь к кулинарии, самые любимые рецепты собранные со всего мира, которые я , как сувенир, каждый раз привозила домой из разных стран…..и с гордостью скажу, что большую часть в этой книге по праву занимают рецепты моей родной татарской кухни. Это ОЧЕНЬ вкусно!!!!! Особое спасибо, моей любимой Мамочке, которая трудилась над всеми текстами и взяла на себя ответственность за организационный процесс☺️❤️! Мы классная команда!!! @laila_gariff Спасибо @nataschpie @eksmolive что воплотили мою мечту в реальность☺️🙏🏻!!! #cookbook Hey guys, I’m so happy to share the exciting news of the release of my first Cook Book, which is now in Russian language, but I hope will be available in other languages in the future ☺🙏🏻❤!

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  • anon says:

    I don’t trust cookbooks by thin people.

  • MacroV says:

    Is it Russian cuisine? The culture of Tchaikovsky and Pushkin isn’t exactly noted for its culinary concoctions. Get me a cookbook by a Vietnamese or Singaporean opera star and we’ll talk.

    • Ms.Melody says:

      She is an ethnic Tatar, their cuisine is quite eclectic and interesting, influenced by bordering nations and local resources. As far as Russian cuisine goes, you should try some of the more upscale restaurants. It is not all borcht, meat and potatoes.

      • Alan says:

        I’m with you, Ms. Melody.
        I’d be all into tasting (and attempting to cook at home) Tatar food, and if Aida’s cookbook were translated into English, I’d get a copy.

    • Max Grimm says:

      Out of Garifullina’s post, courtesy of Google Translate:
      “For a whole year we all worked on this book with the whole team to convey in it all my love for cooking, the most favorite recipes collected from all over the world, which I, as a souvenir, brought home from different countries every time…”

  • Alexander says:

    judging from her slender body this book must be a kind of healthy diet recipes collection … One should expect something like low-cholesterol caviar with fresh peaches or non-carb pelmenys + alcohol free vodka 😉

    • Ms.Melody says:

      Can you possibly think of any more stereotypes?

      • Alexander says:

        All stereotypes are based mainly on differences. I cannot say I am strongly opposite to those I mentioned above ( caviar, peaches etc), so they are not stereotypes for me.
        All the same if you like to think they are stereotypes – a bit more to sweeten your thoughts on me – vegetarian foie gras ( to save those poor ducks)+ still champagne 😉 or cottage cheese burger with chinese green tea 😉 Enjoy your meals 😉