American electronic musician joins Israel boycott

American electronic musician joins Israel boycott


norman lebrecht

September 02, 2018

The American electronic musician Henry Laufer, known as Shlohmo, has pulled out of an Israeli music festival.


We are hearing that the BDS movement has upped the pressure in recent weeks on musicians going to Israel with a range of tactics that include online trolling and bullying phone calls.

Not many will be deterred but those who are can expect to make headlines.


  • Albert Einstein says:

    One may oppose Israeli policy or settlements or the recent ridiculous legislation – that’s absolutely fine and should even be commended. But relating to Israeli “atrocities” coupled with succumbing to BDS pressure is nothing but a combination of ignorance sparked by antisemitism. BDS=antisemitism and one cannot gloss it with pseudo intellectual rubbish. What a shame that some fine musicians expose their darkest antisemite inclinations thanks to the BDS.

  • Ms.Melody says:

    BDS does what it does best-spreading hate and promoting anti-Semitism through intimidation, false information and bullying. It is indeed a shame that musicians are so poorly informed that they fall for this vile propaganda.

  • Heath says:

    The Fakestinians

  • luigi nonono says:

    Why should he get any attention for doing this? It only plays into their hands, and who the heck is this crapmeister anyways?

  • Ted says:

    Here’s a question:

    Should musicians who submit to the will of BDS be excluded from consideration for awards established by, or named for, supporters of Israel like Isaac Stern, Richard Tucker, and George London?