BBC Proms ‘sabotaged’ by anti-Brexit ‘remoaners’

BBC Proms ‘sabotaged’ by anti-Brexit ‘remoaners’


norman lebrecht

September 09, 2018

Today’s headline in the Sunday Express: Last Night of the Proms SABOTAGED by REMOANERS who politicise music event with EU flags’

THE LAST Night of the Proms has been sabotaged by a horde of Remoaners who flooded the Royal Albert Hall with EU flags and berets as part of an anti-Brexit protest.

We have one sick, split country.

UPDATE: We were the Proms saboteurs


  • Caravaggio says:

    Funny. What everyone ought to be doing is working on banning for good from the Proms and elsewhere the ever offensive “Rule Britannia”. Imperial tendencies, cultural indoctrination and chauvinism are hard to shake off, we understand, but it’s time.

  • Hilary says:

    I’m against Brexit. The UK has been diminished by this farce.

  • Topcat says:

    “sabotaged”? Ha ha what a load of nonsense. Clearly a quiet news day for that particular newspaper

  • Miko says:

    Quite. Sabotage. Remoaners. Traitors.
    Wait a minute: A lie infested, Russian manipulated, racism inspiring campaign of fascist stink that lead 17 million votes to remove the European rights of 48 million, that has turned our once green, pleasant, tolerant land into a nation lacking hope and inglorious rejection of multicultural values that have enriched our post imperial sulk is claiming the right to patriotic fervour? Something doesn’t quite add up.

  • Jon says:

    What a load of rubbish! Surely the whole thing is about waving flags? That is kind of the point of the evening isn’t it?
    If this country is sick it is because idiot Brexiters think they have a right to tell people what to do, say, think and which flag to wave. They don’t speak for our country at all. And if you believe a newspaper run by a pornographer you will never lack sewage in your life.
    I have seen countless flags from the EU and other countries displayed at TLNOP over many years and nobody complained until now, those who call people ‘remoaners’ are a bunch of damn fools slowly beginning to realise how stupid they have been and so want to spoil everyone’s party.
    Bring on all the flags – and great to see Sir Andrew Davis on the rostrum again!

  • FS60103 says:

    The weird, one-eyed perspective from London never ceases to astonish. Probably about 5% of people in the UK are fanatically pro. About 5% are fanatically anti. The other 90% are quietly, tolerantly, getting on with their lives.

    The problem is that the 10% of nutters generate about 99% of the social media…

    • miko says:

      Dear FS60103 (are you a droid?)

      I won’t ask where your succinct percentages come from, though suspect they possibly emanate from your wishful thinking microchip.

      But I would like to take issue with the idea that “quietly, tolerantly getting on with your lives” in the face of the excrement storm that is brewing just over the horizon is perhaps at best complacent, at worst complicit. Ignore the hostile environment if you like, but please don’t pass it off as tolerance in any form.

      All best
      M (only moderately intelligent, but not of the artificial variety)

      • mephistopheles says:

        M (only moderately intelligent, but not of the artificial variety)

        Sadly, the veracity of your confession glares from almost every sentence you write.

        • miko says:

          Mephistopheles: The word may derive from the Hebrew מֵפִיץ (mêp̄îṣ) which means “scatterer, disperser”, and tophel, short for ט֫פֶל שֶׁ֫קֶר (tōp̄el šeqer) which means “plasterer of lies”.

          Or just simply a moron.

      • Brettermeier says:

        “Dear FS60103 (are you a droid?)”

        These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

      • FS60103 says:

        What a strange, scary place the inside of your head must be. Luckily those of us with printed circuit boards can be slightly more objective.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Most polls show committed leavers amount to about 25 percent of the population, and not just 5 percent. Committed Remainers are also comfortably more than 5 percent of the population (but may not be 25 percent of the population).

      But in any case, both sides are “British”. Even if they may have very different views of what is in Britain’s interest.

      Clearly the negotiations are going badly, mainly because the British side doesn’t seem to (i) understand the weakness of their position; (ii) understand that an agreement requires the Europeans to agree to the outcome as well as Britain.

      • buxtehude says:

        Your points (i) and (ii):

        It’s been just like that with the leadership from the start. This seemed (from a distance) so amazing that I began to wonder if they were only pretending (not to realize their weakness and the existence of a counter-party), perhaps they believed (or hypnotized themselves into believing) that the EU would start to dissolve on its own and bend backwards to minimize damage to itself.

        No soap. No plan “b”. Time flies. Now — plan “c” — if you let us calve off into the sea instead of letting us down easy we’ll swamp your western cities.

        I doubt that will work either.

        Such a major big deal, affecting so many lives in so many different ways — a great experiment, when you recognize the scope of it. Cameron and May, boasting of their own competence. They should have tested it first on rats.

  • Derek says:

    We knew that this topic would come up.

    Evidently a number of pro EU souls took flags to make their feelings known.

    It is a free country and I think ALL flags are welcome, Union, European, American, African, Asian or Australasian (and there were many).
    Last night at the Proms is an end of term party, a celebration of music and the common bond it brings. No harm done, take as much or as little notice of their flags as you wish!

  • Alex Davies says:

    I really wouldn’t take seriously anything the Express prints. They only really have three stories:

    1. Diana and Dodi assassinated by dark forces at the heart of the Establishment.
    2. Spurious causes of/cures for cancer.
    3. Hating foreigners.

    • Sue says:

      I think you’ll find they only hate foreigners who strap explosives to their chests and kill others in the name of a certain religion. 285 souls lost in France in recent times. But, as Robert Frost once wrote, “and they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs”. Let others die so that you can gloat about ‘tolerance’. God, it’s awful.

      • Mike Schachter says:

        Very well put. Last night an attack in Paris, seven injured , 4 critically. Afghan refugee, no indication of terrorism. As if anyone thought such a thing.

      • Alex Davies says:

        Are you able to tell me how many Islamist terrorist attacks in the UK has been perpetrated by citizens of other EU countries (excluding Ireland, since their open border with the UK is separate from the EU)? Also, I assume you realise that the UK is not part of the Schengen Area.

  • Player says:

    Kids, kids:

    1. The EU flag wavers could not sabotage a pink blancmange.

    2. Second, who cares?

    3. Third: doesn’t change a thing!

    This is displacement activity at best from putting in the hard yards of persuading their fellow citizens where they might have gone wrong. Pure tribal trolling in a soft, sympathetic environment. And so… useless.

  • Mark says:

    Over a 10 year period I used to go to proms in the arena once a season. The regulars near the front were the weirdest unbalanced looniest folk I ever seen or heard at a concert ! The Europhiles are similar in many ways, mad and arrogant can be added ! Was it last year we had to hear Barenboim rant in about his EU feelings ! What an out of touch bunch !

  • Carrot Heed says:

    Basically we have some gutter press supporting Brexit (and the Telegraph) and some gutter press supporting remain with the Independent, Guardian etc. There is no unbiased press in the country so lets ignore the press totally. TV is generally backing remain BBC strongly. Banks, BoE and think tanks and civil service are all all remain.
    Basically the establishment are gutted about Brexit and are coming up with drivel. I’m quite shocked by the level of lying. I cant wait to see websites in future years that summarise the statements made during Brexit and then present the result of what actually happened.
    I voted remain but have since changed my mind – being an ex punk i tend to be anti-establishment and i can now see what is going on.
    I like local food and local accountability – screw the federalist dreams and the multinational controlling companies.