Why is the BBC not broadcasting Eurovision Young Musician tonight?

Why is the BBC not broadcasting Eurovision Young Musician tonight?


norman lebrecht

August 23, 2018

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Young Musician of the Year will be broadcast tonight on the following channels:
Albania / RTSH 1
Belgium / RTBF – La Trois
Croatia / HRT – HTV 3
Czech Republic / Czech TV – CT Art
Greece / ERT 2
Hungary / MTVA – M5
Malta / PBS Ltd. – TVM 2
Norway / NRK 2
Poland / TVP Kultura
Russia / Russia Kultura
Slovenia / RTV 1
UK / BBC 2 but only in Scotland (2000 BST)

New talent is clearly of no interest to BBC nationally.

The finalists (reported earlier) are:
Indi Stivín, double bass (Czech Republic)
Mira Foron, violin (Germany)

Máté Bencze, saxophone (Hungary)
Birgitta Elisa Oftestad, cello (Norway)
Ivan Bessonov, pianist (Russia)
Nikola Pajanović, violin (Slovenia)

The judges will be conductors David Watkin and Marin Alsop with composers Anna Meredith and James MacMillan, plus the Edinburgh Festival’s Head of Music, Andrew Moore.


  • Geoff Cox says:

    agree, the BBC is pathetic !

    • Alexander says:

      I wouldn’t say “pathetic” . BBC is good, sometimes incredibly good, but they went too much biased, tendentious and politically engaged forgetting that the culture created ( and keeps creating) society, not otherwise ( and of course not politics did it, cause politics is just another face of economics, concentrated one ) …. Probably they eat an excessive quantity of that artificial food to be in compliance with naturally ( both literally and figuratively) sound of music 😉 Artificial food makes artificial brains and artificial attachments ( o’k I’m kidding a little here) 😉

  • Scots Musician says:

    It’s live on BBC Arts Online, recorded for BBC TV and Radio 3 at a future date (the Proms being priority for live broadcast at the moment), and the BBC SSO are playing along with their cheif conductor.

    That seems pretty supportive.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Does anyone – anyone? – know where to find BBC Arts Online?

      • Natalie Tsaldarakis says:

        Yes, only online bbc.co.uk/arts Our smart TV doesn’t run Adobe flash so it wouldn’t play it. Very dismissive of them not to honour it with live TV broadcast. Supposedly today’s final is on BBC 4…?

    • V.Lind says:

      Indeed. The Proms coverage is the classical music commitment of the moment, more than enough given that not QUITE everyone wants an exclusively classical music diet. The broadcast plans look fine to me.

  • Scots Musician says:


    Google to the rescue for those who like to do some basic research before ranting.

    • V.Lind says:

      I think the right response from NL was “thank you.” It is from me, but i am a civilian who lives in Canada.

  • Christian Moon says:

    So not Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark or Netherlands either?

    Or Ireland.

    BBC has clearly gone right out on a limb here.

  • bill says:

    It’s on BBC2 (Scotland) tonight at 8pm – not difficult to find

  • esfir ross says:

    Good luck to Ivan Bessonov, pianist from Russia. Genius to watch!

  • Brian Kealy says:

    BBC Arts On Line is a pretty muddled sort of site. But go to the right place and it reads:
    On Thursday 23 August six talented teenagers will perform with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra as they compete in the final of Eurovision Young Musicians. Ahead of the contest, which will be broadcast on BBC Two Scotland, BBC Red Button and BBC Radio 3, watch the dazzling performances that secured them a spot.

    Hardly being ignored