Someone needs to sign this pizza man, fast

The Varchetti family of Detroit ordered a pizza from Hungry Howie’s.

The delivery guy, 18, saw a piano and asked if he could play it.

Heck the boy can play. He’s called Bruce Dudal.

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  • Yesterday we had François-René Duchâble playing that same 3rd mvt from Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata apparently retiring -again- from the stage. I guess he could be passing the torch to this pizza man -with strangely enough- a French sounding last name: Dudal. Maybe Duchâble could help the young delivery guy fine tune his playing: he ovbiously needs some tutoring, although he definitely has a real talent.

  • The boy is impressive for sure, but to do anything serious with that talent, a teacher would have to take him several steps backwards before moving forwards again. Everything is done from his wrists and forearms – you can see tremendous tension in his forearms, which is bad. The whole performance looks like a huge effort. This is not playing from the shoulders, and therefore not a weight technique – as used by Rubinstein, Horowitz, Cherkassky, Argerich and anyone else of supreme mastery. My concern would be that it would be very difficult for a young guy to stop playing like that for a while and re-learn his technique. Hopefully he has the will-power to do it, otherwise he will disintegrate into a circus-freak style showpiece for a while and then fade.

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