San Fran Symphony mourns #2 viola, aged 100

San Fran Symphony mourns #2 viola, aged 100


norman lebrecht

August 05, 2018

Detlev Olshausen auditioned for Pierre Monteux in 1940 and played in the orchestra as sub-principal or co-principal viola for half a century.

Obit here.


  • Carmen says:

    Eloquent, thoughtful obituary by SF Chronicle’s long time music critic Joshua Kosman.

    Mr. Kosman always writes the most compelling obituaries for distinguished SF music figures who’ve passed away. His reviews and articles are also outstanding, but his obituaries always make me wish I’d paid more attention to the person while they were alive. He fills in the blanks and tells me what I’d like to know about the person. RIP, Mr. Olshausen, and bravo to Mr. Kosman.

    • barry guerrero says:

      I don’t agree on the ‘reviews’ part, but the rest of it: yes.

    • Elisabeth Matesky says:

      @Carmen ~

      How beautiful of you to write such loving thoughts …

      This is so refreshing & positive in this current Era ~

      Mr. Olshausen’s Life is capped by an ‘Angel’ & deservedly so upon his final
      Chords leaving this Life for the next ~ Rest in Harmony & Peace, dear Sir ~

      For MTT ~ Do invite someone to compose an ‘Ode to Olshausen of Viola’ …

      My condolences to musician friends & colleagues in San Francisco,

      from Chicago with Sympathy ~

      Elisabeth Matesky

      • barry guerrero says:

        “For MTT ~ Do invite someone to compose an ‘Ode to Olshausen of Viola’”

        Careful, he’ll ask Steven Stucky or Mason Bates. Perhaps the best we could hope for would be good-old John Adams.

        • Elisabeth Matesky says:

          @Barry Guerrero ~

          Actually, Barry, I had John Adams in mind, but deferred naming him, in
          light of the observance of Mr. Olshausen’s exemplary decades of Service
          and Loyalty ~ (Knowing MTT, growing up in LA, & at USC +, perhaps he
          might see this and wish to so honour one who gave so much until his own
          Centenery passage ‘Up’ … )

          Yours musically from a Violinist ~

          Elisabeth Matesky *

          *aka, “Lizzie” to MTT, et al

        • Patrick says:

          BG: don’t be snarky. Steven Stucky passed away in 2016.

          • barry guerrero says:

            Didn’t know that. Let’s keep the two separate, meaning his passing won’t make me like the music any better. Sorry if that’s also snarky. As for friends and family, of course I’d be sorry for their loss.