Orchestra starts second music director search in 50 years

Orchestra starts second music director search in 50 years


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2018

Scott Terrell has just told the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra that he’s leaving after ten years.

His predecessor, George Zack, stayed for 37.

Terrell recently joined IMG Artists who think he can get a better gig outside of Kentucky.

Sign of the times.



  • Ferenc Gabor says:

    I don’t really get it! Isn’t Johnathan McPhee the current Music Director?

    • Garry Humphreys says:

      Clearly not:


      Jonathan McPhee’s website says he’s ‘currently Music Director for the Lexington Symphony’, which could be different from the Lexington Philharmonic (cf. London Symphony and London Philharmonic, Berlin Symphony and Berlin Philharmonic … ). Lucky Lexington to have two professional symphony orchestras!

      • Anthony Boatman says:

        The Lexington Symphony is located in Lexington, Massachusetts, not Lexington Kentucky. The one in Kentucky is a much larger organization.

  • Bruce says:

    Takes a special person to stick around for 5 years after a no-confidence vote.


  • Conducting Feminista says:

    The next music director will be a woman conductor.