No more North America, Martha Argerich flourishes in South

No more North America, Martha Argerich flourishes in South


norman lebrecht

August 27, 2018

The pianist, 77, has let it be known that she is not available to play in the United States, following #MeToo accusations against her ex-husband Charles Dutoit.

Instead, Martha is expanding her performances south of the equator. Last night she played in Cordoba, Argentina, for the first time in 14 years, accompanied by her daughter Annie Dutoit as narrator.

Report here.


  • Caravaggio says:

    Argerich chooses to defend the indefensible, and the man she divorced, to boot. That’s rich. She was never a presence in North America anyway. For this reason alone, I felt the Kennedy Center award was squandered on her, reflecting rigged classical music insider politics over and above anything else including artistic contribution.

    • John Kelly says:

      True she doesn’t play in North America much but your note strikes a sour grapes tone which is completely inappropriate. Ms. Argerich is a giant of the keyboard, one of the most thoughtful and insightful pianists before the public. I saw her last season at Carnegie Hall with Tony Pappano playing the Prokofiev Third. Simply awe inspiring pianism. Yes, she has a “claque” but they’re not wrong.

      • buxtehude says:


        Her recording of the C minor Bach Partita — from the late 1960s — is so amazingly fine that I couldn’t help wondering whether it had been this which caused Glenn Gould to up his drug intake. I love GG but Martha would have greatly shrunk his rice bowl had she gone on to record the whole JSB keyboard output.

        Her rare charisma and visual appeal (when she’s in a good mood) is apparent here:

      • Anson says:

        Agree. I saw her at the Kennedy Center last year in the same concert. Stunning musicality, especially at this late stage of her career.

  • Michael says:

    NL. Could you specify the source of this information? The article in Spanish says no word about, neither the links.

  • Doug says:

    This is interesting. The left eating the left.
    She is a creature designed for the American market, after all. People like her **and especially her handlers** are the one$ who have created the rot in the American scene. Buy futures in popcorn. More to come!

  • Federico says:

    @Michael. A summary of the article in english, as you request:
    A piano chair with Martha Argerich

    Last night the first of the two concerts of the great Argentine artist was held. Tonight he says goodbye to Córdoba with the Symphony Orchestra of the province.

    After 14 years of waiting, Martha Argerich returned to derange the Cordoba’s people with a masterful concert, at the height of a career that consecrated her in the world. It was the first of the two “classes” that the artist will give in Córdoba (…) the pianist was showcased with a concert dedicated to Franz Liszt.

    In the morning, the artist had made a general rehearsal with audiences (…). The audience was excited and grateful, and enjoyed every step of an exquisite and challenging program.

    The Cordoba Symphony Orchestra was at the height of a concert of international level, with the experienced Guillermo Becerra in the baton, who told La Voz that this possibility of acting with Argerich and in Córdoba “is a gift from heaven”.

    In the two nights, the pianist is also accompanied by her daughter Annie Dutoit (reciter) and by the Cuban Mauricio Vallina (piano).

    Lenore melodrama – along with Dutoit -; the symphonic poem The Preludes; the dance Totentanz, for piano and orchestra, and the great Concerto for piano and orchestra N ° 1 in E flat major, all of Liszt, were dazzling in the repertoire of the evening.


    Standing in front of the audience, Argerich let himself be enveloped by the ovation, almost identical to the one he received 14 years ago, on his first visit. Tonight will be another great opportunity to meet his music, and hopefully not have to spend another 14 years for his return.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks @Federico. So, where does it says that Argerich would not perform in US anymore? Where are #meetoo or CDutoit mentioned?

  • Michael says:

    It is sad that accusations continue to be assumed to be truth. Boycott what you will, for whatever reason, but for your own reasons, not on someone’s unproven word. If you wish to boycott something because of your ex, please do. Great idea. But #MeToo isn’t really foolproof.

  • MacroV says:

    So no indication from this article, anyway, that she won’t play in the US. But if she’s showing solidarity with Dutoit she’ll have to boycott much of the world because nobody outside China seems to be booking him these days.

    And it’s great that she’s playing in her native Argentina. I’m sure they can’t get enough of her.

  • Lady Weidenfeld says:

    It is certainly indefensible to assume guilt from unproven allegations and hearsay even ignoring rare eyewitness contradictions of such accusations. Martha Argerich remains a close friend and collaborator of Dutoit and her actions and attitude are entirely consistent with the exceptional loyal human being that she is.

  • Feurich says:

    She is no longer a giant. A pianist needs to explore and play the vast solo repertoire to be giant. She gave that up a long time ago.

    • Giorgi says:

      For such a giant pianist she does have a limited repertoire and so did michelangelli but quality over quantity is always better.
      I agree I wish she played Rach2, prok2, Beethoven emperor but I guess we should be happy what we get from her.

  • J C Eriksen says:

    This giant of music has a grand repertory and every one of her concerts is a jewel of feeling as well as mastery. That is so seldom true of a career so long. This lady has played with all the important US orchestras. Wasted indeed she confers the honor by accepting. I don’t believe there has ever in my liftime a performer who could care less about an honor.