Just in: No Brits in Eurovision Young Musicians final

Just in: No Brits in Eurovision Young Musicians final


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2018

The Eurovision Young Musicians 2018 contest, which is being held at the Edinburgh International Festival, has turned mostly east for its finalists. Maxim Calver, BBC Young Musician of 2018, failed to make the cut.

The finalists have just been announced:

Nikola Pajanovič, Slovenia, violin

Maté Bencze, Hungary, saxophone

Ivan Bessonov, Russia, piano

Mira Marie Foron, Germany, violin


Indi Stivin, Czech Rep, double bass

Birgitta Elisa Oftestad, Norway, cello.


  • Jonatan Horvat says:

    Well, I’m from Slovenia and can only say that the competition does not influence the further career of musicians. Our pianist Urban Stanič was second in 2014 and does not really have a lot of performance abroad, but only at home (also not that many). Eva Nina Kozmus, a Slovenian flautist, won the competition back in 2010. The third place was taken by no other than Daniil Trifonov. Today, we all know who has a career and who doesn’t…

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Interesting, thanks.

    • Tutti Flutie says:

      Eurovision winner Eva Nina Kozmus is highly respected & well known in the flute community. Those of us who follow her career know that she’s done quite well outside of Slovenia. She’s placed as a finalist in several major international competitions, and has had great success in Barcelona, where she won a highly competitive audition several years ago as acting Principal Flute of Liceu Opera. I believe she’s now left that position to pursue new international career possibilities.

      Unfortunately, people don’t seem too interested in the careers of soloists who are not either pianists or string players.

      • Jonatan Horvat says:

        Really, didn’t know that. It’s really sad that the Slovenian cultural media don’t talk about her and her achievements. I mean, being a principal flute in one of the more prominent opera houses is not a small matter.

    • Macmusic says:

      I attended only the final (but heard the earlier stage online) and was very impressed with the Slovenian violinist in both events. While the very young Russian pianist probably deserved to win (factoring in youth and relative inexperience), I suspect the violinist’s talent is every bit as durable. For such a tiny country, Slovenia’s success in this competition is remarkable.

  • M McAlpine says:

    What happened to the actual winner of the BBC Young Musician 2018, Lauren Zhang? Wasn’t she entered?

  • Symphony musician says:

    Factually incorrect: Lauren Zhang was overall winner of BBC Young Musician 2018. Maxim Calver was also in the concerto final as the winner of the string section.