Glyndebourne goes streaming from Vienna

Glyndebourne goes streaming from Vienna


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2018

The remarkable return of Samuel Barber’s Vanessa is being shown on a handful of cinema screens around the UK, but not on any television channel.

You can watch it here for free tonight, from a Vienna-based streaming site. Or 2pm NY time.

Ignore the ugly costume. Emma Bell is Vanessa.


  • Whimbrel says:

    It’s streaming on the Glyndebourne website right now, and will available until 11.59pm on August 21.

  • Hilary says:

    I attended the performance last week. Somewhat overshadowed by a wacky production of Handel’s Saul a few days earlier but much to savour. The final quintet is very nice.


    also available FREE to view via the Telegraph website

  • Coffee Cantata says:

    I saw this in cinema. Very worthwhile experience for a modest price. Compelling visceral performance from the female leads and a gripping ambivalent production with giant mirrors. Lovely understated world weary performance from Donnie Ray Albert as the family doctor