Gatti subs: Concertgebouw turns to Sanderling

Gatti subs: Concertgebouw turns to Sanderling


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2018

The next conductor to fill the gaps in the Concertgebouw season after the #MeToo sacking of the music director is the outgoing Dresden Philharmonic chief Michael Sanderling.

He will take over four concerts from 19 to 23 September, making his debut with the Dutch orchestra.


  • Trevor S. says:

    I think it’s now Concertgebauw which is losing all its positions in a world rank. I guess Berlin Phil is miles ahead. Who is the second one? LSO?

    • SDG says:

      Eh?! What’s that to do with the price of fish?

      • Trevor S. says:

        Just look what they are doing: terminating Gatti in favor of much more bad “conductors” (M.Sand. is a cellist right?), non-proved official statements, etc.
        I think this inside job made it worse. I’m not interested in orchestra that is dead of their own stupidity. Did it make better all this #metoo idiocy? No. Can I symphatize them? No.
        In less than 3 years we all will have our own advocate with whom we will travel and talk to people. And God Save me if I say something wrong to a person. Despite the fact that I will not even know that I’m saying horrible things

    • Jean says:

      Sanderling is conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker this season btw.

    • MacroV says:

      The Concertgebouw will be fine. They might not be able to fill every single week this season with an A-list conductor but I imagine they’ll get their share. And with their reputation intact as an organization that doesn’t tolerate bad behavior from conductors.

      • barry guerrero says:

        I’m afraid that’s probably correct. “Afraid” because, in my opinion, the Concertgebouw needs a strong personality like Gatti to light a fire under them – especially after the long series of bland, ‘cookie cutter’ recordings they’ve made with Jansons. And, by the way, RCO Live IS issuing the live “Salome” with Gatti conducting. I guess they didn’t want to punish the other performers involved.

        • Tamino says:

          Apparently was not a very strong personality, but a rather weak one. Unless you consider the stereotypical caricature of the Italian man, who lives with Mama until he turns 30, after which he marries, has kids and hits on anything that walks upright and has breasts, to be a strong man.

        • Yes Addison says:

          More likely, Barry, its release was scheduled quite a bit before Gatti’s bad press hit, and the discs were all pressed, packaged, and ready to go. They’re probably not thrilled about his name being as prominent as it is on the cover, but it’s better just to let it go than to pull it back.

          I note, after the coverage of the Coote disc here recently, that neither the name nor the photo of the Salome (Malin Byström) is on the Blu-ray’s front cover. Just “GATTI STRAUSS SALOME.”

          On a similar note, the Met put out a CD set of its Lincoln Center 50th gala just a few weeks after its former music director emeritus was suspended, and he had led some of that. As much as what he’s done since 2011 could be called leading, anyway.

  • Olassus says:

    I wish they would rebuild that whole glass-plastic wing to better fit the main building. In fact people should eat elsewhere!


    T Sanderling is, I feel, a finer conductor than his brother and half-brother. Being a cello soloist surely gives him some insight into working with musicians? I saw him conduct in Berlin in the smaller hall at the Philharmonie many years ago and father Kurt (around 93) was watching on with evident interest and presumably gave advice. Kurt Sanderling’s Schumann 4 with the Halle in the 70s (less so with the BBC Phil at the Proms but I still cherish the dvd souvenir of that) was one of the greatest performances I have heard of any symphony; a legacy to match the Jarvis.

  • Rob says:

    Andrey Boreyko is very good indeed.

  • Conducting Feminista says:

    All of the subs that are filling in the holes left by the disgraced Gatti should be women.

    • dc-reading says:

      An interesting suggestion. And maybe for the first time they all could be – Alsop, Mirga, Canellakis, Simone Young, Falletta, Zhang, Malkki, Han-na Chang..