Ex-Dallas boss lands 3rd job in a year

Ex-Dallas boss lands 3rd job in a year


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2018

There was consternation when Keith Cerny walked out as chief exec of Dallas Opera just before Christmas, without apparent reason.

He popped up instantly in the same role at the much-smaller Calgary Opera in Canada.

Last night he was announced as chief of the long-troubled Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, back in good old Texas.

Its board chair Mercedes Bass said: ‘Patience and perseverance proved us right in finding the perfect candidate to lead the FWSO into the next chapter. Keith’s varied experiences with different organizations in multiple capacities prove that he is indeed highly qualified to be leading the FWSO. We are confident that the Board, Music Director, staff, and musicians will enjoy working with Keith when he joins us in January, and it is indeed a great pleasure to welcome Keith and his wife Jennifer to the FWSO family.’

Keith Cerny said: ‘While it is has been an honor to serve as General Director & CEO of Calgary Opera, the travel demands of this leadership position have put a greater than anticipated strain on me and my family back in Texas. ‘

So that’s why.


  • BillG says:

    Why did he leave Dallas in a hurry? Could it have been avoiding a employee lawsuit from a Dallas Opera musician? It seems he left Dallas at an opportune time to avoid being deposed in that lawsuit.

    The case was settled in favor of the employee.

    • ABH says:

      Could you provide more info on that Dallas lawsuit?

      • BillG says:

        Rumors were it had to do with firing of one of the musicians w/o cause.

        • Robert Holmén says:

          One would not be able to avoid a diligently pursued lawsuit in such a manner.

          Not when one is apparently frequently returning to the Dallas area where one lives with one’s family.

        • JoeBloe says:

          Uh.. there was DEFINITELY cause for firing that musician. Inability to play the instrument anymore is most certainly cause.

    • buxtehude says:

      Another reason might be that travelers to Canada will soon have to abandon all of their clothes — as in a l l of their clothes — for shipment as checked baggage, along with formerly carry-on items.

      I wouldn’t wish to put up with that either, at least not on a regular basis.