Breaking: Noseda takes third job

Breaking: Noseda takes third job


norman lebrecht

August 02, 2018

Gianandrea Noseda, already music director of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington DC and incoming chief at Zurich Opera, is about to be announced as music director of the Tsinandali Festival and the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra in the village of Tsinandali, Georgia.

Noseda says: ‘The belief that music carries the power to unite all human beings, regardless of their provenance, political and religious convictions and social status it has always guided my choices. I have therefore accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation to become music director of the Tsinandali Festival with the idea to form a new generation of music talents selected in the Caucasus region to create the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra: through the passion, the engagement and the sharing of common values that the young will dedicate to reach a high level of quality and art, I am convinced we can – all together – influence the development of a better society based on respect, tolerance, and admission.’

The festival is being launched at Verbier and will be guided by the Verbier Festival founders, Avi Shoshani, and Martin Engstroem, which may raise some eyebrows. The PR guff says $100 million is being spent.

Shoshani, outgoing head of the Israel Phil, says: ‘Myself and my partner in the Verbier Festival, Martin Engstroem are ready to share decades of our lifetime experience in music world with Tsinandali Festival and support its visionary founder, George Ramishvili who has dedicated years and substantial funds to change young people’s lives for better by transforming the historic Tsinandali Estate into a global destination of peace, educational and cultural center of the Caucasus where the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra will flourish for years to come and the language of music will be the guiding principle of humanity for everyone visiting Tsinandali. I’m humbled to say that in the last 25 years Verbier Festival made its meaningful contribution to the development of classical music industry by acting as a highly viable platform for the young talent to interact with some of the today’s stars which allows young musicians to learn from the best and for the brightest classical music stars to have an opportunity to share their lifetime experience with the youth, first hand.’


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Oh damn. I was thinking of going!

  • Alpine Horn says:

    Noting the connection between Verbier and the IPO, the exceptionally high number of cancellations in both now becomes clearer.

  • Caravaggio says:

    Looks like Verbier is on its last leg.

  • The View from America says:

    Georgia and Switzerland have a lot in common topographically.

  • Tamino says:

    Does this maybe mean a shift of funds from certain donors from Switzerland to Georgia?
    And could this be directly a consequence of the tougher money laundering legislation even Switzerland has been forced to apply lately?
    Verbier is moving to Tsinandali. Money laundry is easier there now?
    That would be my suspicion.

  • Music Lover says:

    Actually, his third job is Principal Guest Conductor at the LSO.

  • Pedro says:

    Ge should go to the Concertgebouw. Or the Orchestre de Paris.

  • Colonel Chinstrap says:

    Follow the moaney!

  • Alex Davies says:

    Still not really clear why Norman turned down the invitation to the press launch of the new festival. Or, rather, I can understand that he perhaps wasn’t able to go, but there seemed to be a point being made by turning down the invitation in such a public way and with the implication that there is something not quite acceptable about the new festival. Can anyone shed any light? There seem to be vague accusations about it benefiting elites and possibly being connected with some financial transactions of dubious legality, but I’m not seeing anything specific or backed up by evidence. Could it be that it is exactly what it says that it is and that it’s a good thing for the local economy and culture?

  • Edgar says:

    Present day conductors outdo God in being omnipresent. I am sure they can bi-, tri- or even quadrilocate. Insane.