Breaking: LA principal’s $100k cello is found unharmed

Message from John Walz, whose cello was stolen from his San Diego hotel room at the end of last week:

Update – great news!! Dame Joan has been found – and in perfect condition!!! A fellow found it on the street in downtown San Diego, and it was through news outlets I was tracked down. A huge thanks to everyone for their thoughts, good wishes, helpful suggestions and to the people responsible for reuniting us!!!

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  • Great news. Miralles is a great maker. But a question: Is a Miralles cello REALLY worth $100k??? For a modern cello? Perhaps the instrument is above a certain age?

        • You would be unaware that instrument insurance is priced as a fraction of the value insured, then. Fine instrument insurance appraisals are typically above actual market value for a number of reasons. The number on an appraisal used for other purposes may be appreciably different. As with most insurance policies, there is economic incentive to sell as much coverage as the purchaser will buy.

  • Congratulations John,
    May you and Dame Joan make lots of beautiful music together and never, never part.
    God bless.

  • Regardless of its worth in dollars, thank goodness Mr. Walz’s cello was found undamaged! That’s really sort of a miracle.

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