Boston’s NEC emerges from 3-year stupor

The New England Conservatory, becalmed under interim management since Tony Woodcock departed in early 2015, has finally decided on his successor.

Andrea Kalyn, Dean of Oberlin’s Conservatory since February 2014, will become president next January.

Kalyn has a PhD in 20th century American music.


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  • Finally! Great news. This old NEC alum (and bequeather) has been furious about how the search was handled — that is, mishandled — for so long.

    • One has to assume that this is considered to be a great gig. Why would you apply for the job, then turn it down if offered? (Salary offered notwithstanding.) I know that there were quite a few “communications” problems between the original search committee, which was quite large, much larger than this committee.

  • NEC is actually at the top of the game. In strings and piano nobody can touch them (Curtis and Juilliard maybe…). NEC tripled its endowment, built a ten-story dorm/library/theatre — all in this period with no actual president.

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