Beijing hires Cliburn man to start new competition

Beijing hires Cliburn man to start new competition


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2018

Richard Rodzinski, long-serving head of the Van Cliburn Competition, has been named General Director of the First China International Music Competition at China Conservatory of Music.

Richard has also been a reforming head of Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Competition.


  • Richard Rodzinski says:

    Dear Norman,

    Thanks for the mention. I’m still trying to figure out how to get your daily

  • Hartmuth von Zitzewitz says:

    Yet another completely superfluous lottery event that primarily funnels money into the pockets of the organizers, jurors and other associates.

    Several hundred “international piano competitions” take place yearly and produce upwards of a thousand “laureates” ( all trying to make new statements about the hackneyed-to-death standard reperotoire (de rigueur according to Peter Donohoe; the orchestras can’t rehearse anything else) with Tchike’s 1st and Rack’s 3rd PC at the forefront, and dreaming of an international career.

    • Ken Iisaka says:

      it is true that the vast majority of the several hundred “international” piano competitions may be as you describe.

      However, given that the majority (yes, a significant majority) of young pianists today are from China, it makes perfect sense to organize an internationally credible competition there to identify talent and make people excited about classical music. It may initially be a stepping stone competition with primarily local competitors, but with the right pool of jury members, it could quickly become a first-tier competition in short order. I cannot imagine anyone more suited in the role than Richard Rodzinski.

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Good luck, Richard! Looks like it will be a fabulous addition to the lineup of international piano competitions!


    Remember, Richard, when I was on the Jury of the Cliburn Competition. You run the event wonderfully, and I am sure
    the new one in China will be equally lucky.
    Jose Serebrier

  • Victoria Smith Downing says:

    Terrific move…China Competition ! There are never enough opportunities for young pianists to enter the world stage to share their gifts!

    Congratulations to the quietly brilliant and persistent Richard Rodzinski. Thank you for your lifelong Contributions to this noble Quest!

    Your profound influence for fairness and excellence is a Gift that keeps on giving!!

    Perhaps not all competitors will have concert careers, but that works for society!! Some are the scientists, physicians, lawyers, and parents of tomorrow’s world. They will always be advocates for the very best of classical music in the culture!